Tanning Salon Software

If you want your tanning salon well organized and efficient, SiBOOM software is what you are looking for! SiBOOM offers seamless integration of the client experience with management decision-making functions. Enabled by a comprehensive user interface, SiBOOM software eases all current industry struggles through a streamlined operational system. With SiBOOM, running your tanning salon has never been easier.

SiBOOM software invariably leads to enhanced user productivity because the fast cash-out process is coupled with the constant collection of client information, allowing users to have the ability to effectively market to their current client base. A few of the benefits tanning salon owners get from using SiBOOM software include:

  • Robust payroll and reporting system
  • Advertising and direct mail management
  • Customer relationship building tools
  • Fast and simple cash-out
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Scheduling and appointment booking

Software setup for your tanning salon is simple as our in-depth training guide and instructional videos help you through each and every step of configuration and operation of SiBOOM. We also provide live assistance for any additional questions you may have. With the benefits of advanced workflow, professional maintenance, inventory control, intelligent mailing, integrated credit card processing and much more, this all-inclusive solution for tanning salons is a must in an organization that believes in efficiency and the potential for record growth.