Salon and spa owners can witness a boom in their services, management and revenue by installing SiBOOM beauty salon management software

Are you unhappy with your salon management software? Are you disappointed shifting to salon software and not being able to enjoy its advantages?

beautyIf so, take a leap and begin with better beauty salon management software like SiBOOM salon software. It promises excellent features for improved salon and spa management like advertising, direct mail management, robust payroll management and tools for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It therefore covers everything that is required to manage a salon efficiently, without the need for manual intervention. You can not only enjoy the benefits of an automated system, but also boast of a fool-proof salon management system.

Your next worry would be the big shift over from the old software to the new one. The good news is that this salon software is easy to use. Moreover, SiBOOM provides comprehensive training for setting up and operating the software. This salon software can be easily used without any prior computer experience. What’s more, it’s up and running within 3 hours of installation; irrespective of the salon. So, to enjoy the true benefits promised by beauty salon management software, choose us and the shift over would be as smooth as cheese. Both you and the staff would easily adapt to the change and thus, ensure improved salon management.

After using our software, you will realize the true benefits of using beauty salon management software, unlike before.

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