Gift Cards

Gift cards produce a high return on a low investment. A recent survey showed that 139 million people—64% of the US population—purchased or received a gift card in the past year. And more than half of those surveyed said they spent more than the initial value of the card they received.

They’re perfect for any occasion, any time, not just the year-end holiday season: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, weddings, special events, marketing campaigns, and much more. Imagine your salon/spa gift card given at a party or an event—you have just placed a billboard in the room with your name on it.

Consumers have embraced gift cards, why not you? SiBOOM offers a wide variety of pre-designed gift cards as well as custom printing services. Contact us today for pricing and design info.

Promotion Cards

promoWhat’s the lifetime value of a new customer? Now how much can you give someone to give your business a try?

Promotion cards have become the salon/spa’s number one choice for advertising. With a promotion card, you can design a program to draw in new customers. These are easily tracked and updated through SiBOOM. Cards are also a unique way to get that first-time spa or salon customer to come back for a second visit. Customers do not throw away promotion cards—they become cash in their wallets.

Do you have a stylist or a service that needs a boost? Promotion cards are your inexpensive answer.

SiBOOM offers a wide variety of pre-designed promotion cards as well as custom printing services. Contact us today for pricing and design info.

Website Design & Development

markallenToday businesses are reaching out to communicate with more markets than ever. It is your message that distinguishes you from the competition. But how do you know that your message is really getting across?

This is where we can help. SiBOOM will design, develop, deploy, and manage your website, giving your company the edge it needs to thrive on the Internet today and tomorrow. Our elegant and easy-to-use graphic interface designs, combined with our forward thinking, enable us to produce measurable results within an already booming industry.

SiBOOM provides affordable website consultation, design, and development services including:

  • Graphic design for web and print
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Database development and programming
  • Corporate and product branding
  • Logo development
  • Flash design and programming
  • Multimedia development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web hosting
  • Website design planning and strategy, and more

Our services leverage the past experience of designers with experience in dozens of industries to give us an edge over the competition when planning your project. Our friendly designers are here to help you throughout the entire process. Contact us today for a consultation and we will reveal the difference we can make for you online.

Brand Development

One of the most important elements of any salon or spa is to have a recognizable brand for a client base to follow and refer business to. Along with website design, SiBOOM can assist in creating powerful business image designs to help launch and propel your business.

Our branding team has years of experience working with salons and spas in creating images that directly reflect the look and feel your business is aiming for. Once created, allow us to integrate this brand image into your website and assist in incorporating the brand throughout your salon.

Don’t have a website? Not a problem. SiBOOM will create one for you with our expert team of salon and spa website designers. Let us help you grow from the start as we offer the only complete turnkey solution currently on the market for salons and spas.