Building your business with salon software just got easier.

SiBOOM salon software was designed for salons that are serious about realizing the full potential of their business.

Built upon years of feedback from successful salon owners, SiBOOM’s salon software enhances current business activities and enables seamless management across all points of the business and client experience. Suitable for any size salon, the SiBOOM point of sales software meets the needs of small single-terminal salons, large multi-terminal day spas, salon chains, and those that offer booth rentals.

spa-2The intuitive, user-friendly interface of the salon software will be familiar to staff, making day-to-day tasks like appointments, transactions and inventory easy. Managers and owners will enjoy the robust payroll and reporting capabilities, advertising and direct mail management, and customer relationship building tools.

Setup is simple. The average salon is up and running SiBOOM’s point of sale salon software in under 3 hours, with no previous computer experience. Our training guide will walk you through every step of configuring and operating SiBOOM. The result is an all-encompassing solution for salon owners and staff.

Advanced Workflow

cal-redConnect each aspect of the client experience with behind-the-scenes professional salon management. A user-friendly appointment book seamlessly flows your client information and services into a client queue for in-salon client tracking and a simple, one-click cash-out.

Record Growth

growth-redCompile business activity with simple yet comprehensive reports. Query-based reports deliver up-to-the-minute information in a single click. Standard reports cover the basics of salon management while customizable reports hone in on areas unique to each salon, giving owners an edge over competitors.

Professional Maintenance


Grow your client base while keeping track of services, managing your inventory and maintaining your employees.

Search and edit information, store photos and view detailed history and statistics all in one place.

Charging Power

chargeStreamline several processes at once with integrated credit card processing. Cash out in seconds via a high-speed internet connection, keep phone lines open, minimizing client wait time and freeing up staff. Single and multiple credit card accounts can be handled all under one terminal, saving on cost and valuable desk space.

Inventory Control

stock-redMaintain your own list of featured products and conserve time lost in the manual process of inventory control with an organized management feature. Once populated, sales are tracked automatically and inventory reporting provides useful at-a-glance information. Save money by eliminating guesswork and reducing time.

Intelligent Mailing

mailing-redLeverage information captured using the advanced built-in mailing system. Build custom mailing lists by history, frequency, and other criteria to create targeted promotional and informed promotional strategies. Allow clients and vendors to opt in to promotions, specifying their preferred delivery method, email or traditional mail—both built into SiBOOM’s salon software.